METAL INDUSTRIEL is a European producer located in France that produces continuous castings in various shapes like round bars, rectangles, tubes, rings and special profiles, made of copper-based alloys. Centrifugal castings are also available depending on the outside diameter and length required. The following are the various type of alloys METAL INDUSTRIEL can produce

  • Aluminium bronze (CuAl10Ni5Fe5…)
  • High tensile brass (CuZn19Al6, CuZ23Al4, …)
  • Tin bronzes (CuSn7Zn4Pb7, CuSn12…)
  • MISV Special alloys for the glass industry (CuNiAlZn)
  • Copper-nickel (CuNi14Al2)

The quality and the reliability of the METAL INDUSTRIEL products as well as the reactivity of the teams are known for decades in many businesses like

  • Naval construction
  • Aerospace (AMS Spec)
  • Mechanical construction
  • Glass industry
  • Aluminium bronzesVery good corrosion resistance (seawater, acids…), very good wear and abrasion resistance, shock and high pressure resistance. Forgeable and weldable. Cryogenic industry. Marine, hydraulic, chemical, food industries, general mechanical applications.Parts for marine industry, valve bodies, mixers, pressure and sliding parts, screws and nuts, fittings…
  • Cu-Ni alloys:CuNi14Al2:Very good resistance to Sea-water corrosion and to oxidation. Non magnetic and no sparks on impact.
  • High resistance brasses: Material for heavy static loads and slow moving speeds. Aerospace, heavy industry, road building, steel mills, shipbuilding, mechanical and chemical industries, bulldozers, paper industry, sugar plants…
    Slides, nuts, corn processing…
  • Tin Bronze: Material for medium pressures and speeds. Friction parts often used in mechanical industry, cement factories, stone breaking, mines, chemical industry and road building machines.
    Rings, bushings, bearings, sleeves, wear parts, screws, nuts, gears…
  • Glass alloys: The MISV, (MISV, MISV-M, MISV-S, MISB) is a range of copper based alloys with more than 10% nickel.
    These alloys have the perfect mechanical and physical properties required for the bottle neck rings and bottoms and blow molds. The MISV alloys are particularly resistant to the constraints on the moulds during production such as:

    • Working temperature exceeding 900°C
    • Heavy thermal and mechanical shocks
    • Erosion and corrosion due to the glass composition and the lubricants used.
  • Pre-machining  and finish machining: We have the possibility to supply pre-machined or finish machined parts to our customers.


  • We buy back your scrapYou have chips or solid pieces in your stock? We can buy them.
  • Stock availableWe have material available from stock. Feel free to contact us for your urgent requirements.
  • Other products:
    • Plastics
    • Aluminium
    • Cast iron
    • Copper
  • Cutting: We are able to cut pieces on demand.
  • New project development: Need special products or dimensions? Send us your requirement and we will study the possibilities to supply this material.
  • Quality: We are ISO 9001, EN 9100 certified and can supply 2.2 test reports along with 3.1 inspection certificaties (acc. EN10204) thanks to our own laboratory.

METAL INDUSTRIEL is very flexible and has the ability to adapt the production to customer needs and also develop on-demand product ranges. METAL INDUSTRIEL meets quality standards of high demanding businesses (aerospace, shipbuilding, offshore…).

As we are willing to supply the best possible service to our customers, we keep many items in stock (Raw, pre or finished machines) and some material that we do not produce.


  • Aerospace: EN9100 certified, we deliver products following AMS standards (Landing gears)
  • Petrochemical industryOur products are resistant to corrosion in chemical environments (aluminium bronze, high tensile brass)
  • Offshore: High mechanical properties products that suit to the requirements of this sector
  • ValvesHigh strength materials that are corrosion-resistant to seawater (aluminium bronze, high tensile brass)
  • Maintenance: Our products are very used in this sector (bushings, bearings, guiding elements – tin bronze)
  • Other sectors: Our products are also intensively used in many other sectors.


  • Bronze bushings
  • Bearings
  • Sliding elements
  • Guiding elements
  • Bronze profiles
  • Neckrings (glass industry)
  • Cutting on demand
  • Valve bodies

Thanks to its long experience in many different sectors, METAL INDUSTRIEL is able to deliver semi-finished products or bushings. Our technical teams are also able to co-develop alloys, dimensions and profiles for your future projects.
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Created in 1870, MIC (Métal Industriel de Chauny) became in 1990 the first company offering to the glass industry, an alternative product to asbestos material (dangerous for health) : MISV, a copper based alloy with high mechanical properties, appreciated by all players this industry.  In 2010, AMPCO METAL took over MIC which became METAL INDUSTRIEL .

The takeover of the company FIP based in Unieux (France), specialized in precise machining, allowed the company to offer a full service to customers (from half product to finished piece).
EN9100 certified, MI is also an historical player on the aerospace market. The forty employees of the company are specialized in horizontal & vertical continuous casting and centrifugal casting.


Founded in 1957, the enterprise started its activity with sand casting. In 1975, the company decided to go further in high quality machining and got a strong reputation in this field. In 2015 METAL INDSUTRIEL became the new owner. Following this take over,  the company focused on machining and distribution of different materials. Thanks to the combination of their expertise, the complementarity of these two entities allowed them to serve their customers in the best ways.